Renewing My Spirit

I felt the need to write tonight to Praise God for his new mercies each day.  I have experienced this today through our 15 month old (who I will soon not be calling 15, but 16 months old…how does a month go by so fast?).

For those that knew me as a small child (well, even not so small), they can probably remember that my personality and will were as vivacious as they come.  From stories, I know that my parents had a daily battle to fight as I constantly pushed the limits.  Especially my mom.  She has mentioned to me a few times since I’ve become a mom that she does not know how she would have ever parented me well in those first 7 or so years had she not stayed at home full time with me.  Yeah…I was tough at times.  Anyway, this isn’t really about me as a child…

I just say all of that to give you all an idea of what some days are like in the Thompson household with Cailyn.  I knew from the moment she was born that she had some fire in her the way I did, and there have been some days in the past few months that have proven to be some of the most frustrating times in my life.  The fits and tantrums Cailyn can throw at moments surprise me, and I have been brought to tears a few times at the thought that I was not sure what else to do in order to calm her for a moment as to teach her that her will to fight against our authority was not appropriate.  I’m not ignorant.  I realize she isn’t the only child out there that throws a fit every now and then.  I’m not trying to make her out to be a monster, but it has been in these experiences that I have come to learn how wonderful and amazing God’s mercies are as we receive them new each day!

Today, Cailyn could not have had a better day.  It is in these moments that I am so incredibly thankful for the fact that God grants me days of peace in order to renew my spirit and give me an ounce of extra energy for those days to come when the battle will be here once again.  Ultimately, my thoughts are not about how good or bad Cailyn is in a given day.  I am Praising God for reminding me that even when I am brought to tears because of my frustration, He is still in control, and He will grant me the wisdom I need in order to be the best parent I can for this sweet child He has given to our family.

Thank you, God, for renewing my spirits as a parent each and every morning!

2 responses to “Renewing My Spirit

  1. Very well said. Some days are SO tough. I, too, enjoy those days of peace that strengthen me for the next not so peaceful day.

    You guys are great parents! Cailyn is so blessed!

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