Independence Day!

So, September 15th is Costa Rica’s Independence Day.  It wasn’t quite the 4th of July Celebration that some of us are used to, but we had a good time.  They have several different things that go on.  Parades for one.  Costa Rica does not have an actual military (I’m not sure about all of the details, but basically it has to do with the fact that they think it makes the country more peaceful…not sure about that), but they consider the children of the country to be the ones leading them.  So, each Independence Day-eve they have children who run with a torch through the country, and everyone strolls in the streets that evening with paper lanterns that have tea light candles in them to sort of represent the night the people of Costa Rica paraded for independence.  They have parades of children who play drums, recorders, and xylophones in the streets on the actual Independence Day, and as they parade, the parents and other people just follow the parade as it goes through the streets.  I guess we didn’t get that memo, because we just stood and watched them pass, but when they passed, we were literally like the only people left in the street.  All of a sudden it was quiet.  We laughed, and then we decided we needed to follow them if we wanted the experience to last any longer.


This past Friday, my amigas here took me to a huge Multiplaza (mall basically) in an area called Escazu for my birthday.  It was really nice.  We got pedicures and then met the guys and kids for dinner at a Pizzeria.  We all enjoyed ourselves, and we were even joined by a couple that is here who is also moving to LIMA, PERU!  They are so neat, they have an 8 month old little girl, and they will literally be living in nearly the same area we probably will be in when we get to Peru.  If you think to, please pray for them as well.  Their names are Jason, Lindsey, and Shelby (I actually have no clue if I spelled their names correctly…I should find that out…well, I am pretty sure I got Jason right).

Saturday, Justin went hiking and repelling with the guys on our team (well, minus Mark…they think he accidentally slept in…he was supposed to go) and a few other guys here at the school.  They had a great time, they had saw some great views, and they were some tired puppies when they got home!  Justin was a trooper, though.  He immediately showered (at the Davidson’s, which is about a 10 min. walk from our house, because we didn’t have water that entire day) and we left for the same Multiplaza we had been to the night before in order to spend some time alone for my birthday.  The Yoakums watched Cailyn for us, so we were able to enjoy our afternoon and night baby-free.  It was nice, but we were definitely excited to see her when we got home.  We first walked around the mall and window shopped for a bit.  I was looking for a specific pair of sandals, so we mainly went into shoe stores, and just as I was beginning to feel a bit sad that my birthday shopping was not so fruitful, we found a store that had the sandals I wanted!  I told the store I had been looking in every store here, and they were the only ones that had them, so I was so excited.  I think they thought I was crazy, especially since saying all of that in Spanish was a bit broken.  I got my point across, and I got to share in some birthday smiles with a worker who helped me.  It happened to be his birthday, too.  After that, we went across the street to eat at none other than the Outback Steakhouse.  It was great!  I haven’t been there in a while, but I actually used to ask to go there when I was little on my birthday, so it was fun to relive a bit of that.  Our meal was fantastic, and we just had a great time getting to talk without worrying about Cailyn and what she was doing.  Thanks Yoakums!

We had a holiday (for Independence Day) Monday, so yesterday began our 3rd week of school.  Cailyn actually walked into her Rayitos (the Nursery) class yesterday on her own, and she DIDN’T cry!  She has been falling on the floor and crying in anger that we’re dropping her off…so, I’d say this is one HUGE step for her!  Who knows, the long weekend probably made her forget that she goes there every day.  We’re hoping she can make this a habit.

Ok, for some random things.  I actually got Cailyn’s hair into a ponytail the other day…it didn’t last long, but she looked cute!

That’s progress considering we were a far cry form ponytails about 8 months (or more maybe) ago…

Finally, we were pleasantly surprised to find out that a family that is in school here was willing to let us borrow…drumroll please…

yes…we just got into “Lost” before we left the States, but we were watching it online through  Anyway, you can’t watch their shows online unless you are on the internet in the States…go figure.  So, we were bummed when we got here to find out that we couldn’t finish watching the end of Season 3 and all of Season 4.  Lo and Behold…someone brought their collection.  We are so excited!

Thanks for all of your encouraging words and comments to us.  It is so fun to communicate through the wonderful world of internet while we are gone.  Thanks also for all of your prayers for our team.  Please continue praying for all of us as we are always working on building strong and healthy relationships amongst ourselves.  Until next time…


3 responses to “Independence Day!

  1. Great pictures, as always. Cailyn is so beautiful!

    I’m so glad you got your hands on Lost. We, too are totally addicted. Season 4 is by far, the best…but you’ll be just as desperate for Season 5 when it’s over, fair warning!

    We’re praying for you guys and are so encouraged to hear about the ways that God is blessing you (like meeting another Lima-bound family of three, and your recent “Lost” good fortune). Keep up the good work!

  2. Happy late birthday!

    I’m so glad to hear about your experiences in Costa Rica, and looking forward to seeing how your part in the mission of God unfolds in the coming months and years.

    We miss you at Hope, but I’m really enjoying getting to know your parents. They are wonderful folks!

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