Off to An Interesting Start

Well, if you would all stop immediately, laugh with us, and then pray!  Our teammates began the trek to Costa Rica this morning.  The Yoakums and Mark Clancy drove to Houston early this morning to make the 11:26am flight to CR.  Unfortunately, Wes had somehow not gathered up his passport with the rest of the family’s passports, and they found out when it was too late to catch the flight.  So, Mark went on in order to catch the flight, and the Yoakums are trying to get tickets on the next direct flight at 6:00pm tonight. PLEASE PRAY THEY GET TICKETS!

At the same time, the Davidsons made their way to the Easterwood Airport in College Station (where they were) this morning in order to board a flight to Houston that would get them there in order to board the 11:26am flight with the Yoakums and Mark.  Well…due to the rain here in CS, their flight didn’t even board until 10:45am, which caused them to miss the 11:26am flight as well.  Oh goodness, this is crazy.  So, the Davidsons are also trying to get tickets for the flight this evening into CR.  PLEASE PRAY THEY GET TICKETS AS WELL!

My final prayer requests would be 1. That Mark is ok alone.  Not anyone’s ideal. and 2. That tomorrow’s flight schedules do not keep the Fletchers and us from having trouble like there was today.  We all plan to drive there, so we won’t have trouble like the Davidsons, and we have all double checked that our passports are in our bags for take-off!  Guess this story might be recorded in a few journals as we all begin to document the beginning of our adventures!


On a different note…This is what we have been up to since leaving Tennessee.  

Justin’s sister, Allie’s, 10th Birthday Party at Mount Aggie.  Let me just explain what this is for those who have no clue.  The A&M Campus has this hill set up that is covered in white astroturf.  They wet it down with water, and you take sleds, saucers, and other things and slide down it like you were on a skiing trip.  It’s pretty fun.  You can wipe out a lot, and it can really burn at times, but it is fun.  We all had a great time!  Here we are being crazy like kids with Allie’s 10-yr. old friends!

Teri & Allie…

Teri, my mother-in-law, wiping out…

Preston, Justin’s brother, could both master this skateboard-like sled and wipe out well on it as well…

Cailyn and I took turns as well.  I enjoyed mine…Cailyn…not so much.  She didn’t like the water splashing in her face as she came down the hill.  It was traumatizing…haha

(sorry, pictures out of order) this is her after her mountain skiing experience…content to sit, watch, and eat her snack…

this is her bawling and me trying to find a dry spot on my shirt to wipe her eyes with…

this is her actual mountain adventure ride…


We had a great time.  

We have been staying at Justin’s mom’s house here in College Station.  They have 2 things that Cailyn really loves…a trampoline, and a radio flyer bike!  The bike is actually really old, so I am always afraid she will break it.  She figured out this trip here how to move herself forward in it.  She had only understood really how to go backward, which was fun except when she wanted to go forward.  Now she can do both…

pretty much, her facial expression and body language tell me she thinks she’s hot stuff…

We had an amazing weekend with our team, family, and members from each of our supporting congregations.  We all met to have a time when we could come together, pray about our move abroad, and all get on somewhat the same page as far as how our life and ministry might be.  We had times of blessings from family, a time when we got to bless our parents, wonderful fellowship time, incredible meal times, and just good plain fun!  Some of the best times for the kids were eating ice-cream and riding in the wagon.


sofia and cailyn chowin’ down…

The last real event that we had before we left was a going away party at our church for my parents.  They have moved to Abilene, TX (for those who didn’t know already), because my dad got a job at ACU.  They are enjoying themselves there, but they really haven’t even been in Abilene for very many days even since moving in July.  They have had so many things to finish up here in CS, that they will be happy to feel a little more settled in after they go back once we have left.  So, there were tons of people from the church that came to say their official goodbye to my parents.  It was a nice little party.  

So, that pretty much concludes our time here.  We had a great time with family and friends.  We don’t have an address yet, but we will try and email it out to those of you who’ve asked for it asap.  We both have facebook accounts now (i totally gave in to my forever feelings that i would never do that), so feel free to keep up with us on there.  We will have internet for at least the first week we are there, but once we move into our real home (long story…we are going to have to wait a week to move in, so we are staying with a couple that lives there now until then…they have internet) it might take a bit for us to actually get internet.  So, we might not be on here after next week for a bit…who knows.

Please remember to pray for our teammates if you read this today any time.  Thanks!  Peace out.


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