So, I thought I would post and let everyone know that we are definitely recovering. Cailyn is now on 3 new medicines, one of which is an antibiotic.  She had shown some weight loss, so the Dr. wanted to make sure she got some new good bacteria in her as well.  She is almost eating normally again.  I am still feeding her on the bland side so I don’t get her body into overload, but we pretty much have our Cailyn back…Yay!

Justin is currently feeling slightly better.  He is still a bit sore and wonders if he might have a dry socket…not sure.  He might get that checked out, but otherwise, he is recovering well.

As for me…my Oreos are gone. 🙂

Here are a few pictures from the past couple of days.  Cailyn has been great as far as behavior goes, so that has been a blessing.  She has constantly been saying “Da Da” and going to our bedroom door wanting to see him.  She will be glad when he is 100% better.  Here are a few pictures to commemorate our past few days:

This is Cailyn modeling the “Double Diaper” look.  Yes, that is what I did after the poop on the floor incident.  I couldn’t take any more chances!

This is precisely why there is such thing as “child proof”.

The day before Justin had his wisdom teeth removed, we went shopping for new “carry-on” type bags.  We both needed a new personal sized one as well as new carry-ons.  Cailyn found Justin’s new backpack and enjoyed trying it on.  We thought it looked so funny.

**please excuse the mess behind her!**

One highlight of the last week was that Cailyn’s Aunt Hannah came home from her mission trip to Zambia.  She brought home an adorable doll for Cailyn.  She loves it!


Hope everyone has a WONDERFULLY WILD week!

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