Surviving off of Mint Oreos

Sorry, no pictures.  Read on.  Believe me, this post is better without them!

I am pretty sure Mint Oreos are what is getting me through this day.  For the past 2 weeks, Cailyn has had diarrhea about every other day and has thrown up here an there.  Each time it happens I feel it will be the last, so we haven’t gone to the Dr.  She got fairly sick this past Tuesday, so all she had then was water and pedialyte (sp?) and then toast, jello, and gerber puffs on Wednesday.  She was fine Wed. and Th. this week.  YAY!  Oh, wait.  She threw up again this morning.  So, I finally called the Dr.  We go in at 3:15pm today.

The funny thing is, Cailyn conveniently threw up in the car on our way this morning to take Justin to the Dentist to have his wisdom teeth removed.  Yeah…great timing.  So, I dropped him off, brought her home, changed her, and she passed out (went to sleep kind of passed out) while I was undressing her.  So, I just wiped her down with wipes and put her in her bed.  Hmm.  What will I do about going back in 30 min. to get Justin?  After I had made 3 unsuccessful calls for someone to come over and stay with Cailyn while I went back to get Justin, Justin called.  The dentist, a member at our church, had offered to bring him home.  I was so glad.  Sidenote:  this dentist volunteered his services when he found out Justin needed his wisdom teeth removed.  God really provides.  We don’t have insurance right now.  Praise Him!

So, when I got off the phone with Justin, I figured I better go and get Cailyn’s car seat so we could wash the cover out.  When I was outside, a man drove up.  I probably looked at him like “Who the heck are you, and why in the world are you here right now?” because that is for sure what I was thinking.  He got out and walked up to me and said,

man: Oh, I’m so sorry.  I hope I didn’t keep you waiting.

me: Uh, no.  

man: I am here to appraise the home.

me: Oh, well, I live here right now.  I’m just renting it. (Why didn’t I know he was coming?!)

man: Oh, ok.  I just need to come in and get a sketch of the inside and take a few pictures.

me:  (MAN!  Now I remember!  He is really late, geez.)  Sure.  I’m sorry.  I am a little scattered right now. Feel free to come in.  I just ask that you not do anything in my daughter’s room because she’s sleeping.

man: Yeah.  That is completely fine.  Thanks.  It will just take a bit.

So, I led him in and then went back out to get the car seat.  He was quick.  Good thing.  I spent like 20 min. trying to take the soft cover off of her car seat.  I still haven’t gotten 2 of the elastic bands detached.  I have no clue how to.  Justin would be able to do it if he weren’t laying in bed.  Oh well.  Nothing like set-in throw up to make fabric smell really nice.

Justin got home just as the appraiser dude was leaving.  He had asked me how much we pay for rent.  I felt like an idiot when I had to tell him I didn’t even know.  That’s for sure the last thing I’ve thought about lately.  So, as Justin walked up to the house, looking like he’d been shot, the appraiser stopped him for the info.  Oops.  I should have made something up.  Justin looked confused. haha.  I am actually sitting here laughing at all of this.  Don’t worry.  It’s getting better.

I got Justin settled into bed and realized we had no Ibuprofen.  There’s a grocery store down the street, so I told him I would run really fast to get some.  I instructed him to let Cailyn cry if she woke up.  The last thing I needed was for him to pass out trying to care for her.  So, I left really fast.  

After getting 2 packages of frozen peas for ice packs, ibuprofen, soup for Justin, and a bag of Oreos for me, I was home.  Cailyn was waking up just as I got the bags inside.  I had prayed the entire time I was gone that she wouldn’t wake up until I at least reached the drive way, and she didn’t.  Again, God is good!

So, after Justin was drugged up, it was just me and Cailyn to fend for ourselves.  She was doing well so far.  Not acting like she felt sick.  Things were looking good.  I decided to go and break out the Oreos, so I left her playing with a package of diapers in her room.  After scarfing like 5 Oreos in the kitchen so she wouldn’t see me and want some, I made my way back into the living room to check my email.  A couple minutes later, she crawled out of her room looking at me and going, “uh, uh, uh.”  I looked up to say hi to her and noticed something on the carpet next to her.  Oh man, I thought she had thrown up again.  Oh gross.  No, she had pooped so incredibly bad that there was a pool of it in her room where she had been sitting, three other random spots in the doorway, some ALL over her shorts, some on the edge of the bottom of her shirt, and some on her legs.  It was sick to say the least.  I immediately took her to the bath tub.  She did great while I cleaned her up.  I nearly threw up because it smelled so awful, but I held it together.  I decided she needed 2 diapers on this time just in case.  Who knows if that will help if this happens again.  Good thing the house was already appraised.  haha.  Stinks (literally) for the people that are buying it.  I tried my best to clean it all up.  I used cleaners and water and soap.  I’m pretty sure it is all good now.  Needless to say, she won’t be playing in her room for the rest of the day.  Don’t worry.  She won’t be missing out on anything.  The poor child only has a few toys that aren’t packed that we are keeping in the living room right now.  Yeah, that’s why the package of diapers was her toy earlier.  Oh goodness.  I am ready to move already.

So, she is now down again for a nap that I will most likely have to wake her up from when it is time to go to the Dr.’s office.  Both of my patients are sleeping, which meant I had a moment to write this post…and eat a few more Oreos, the only true sweet thing in my day so far.


3 responses to “Surviving off of Mint Oreos

  1. I always say you really need a 2-to-1 ratio of adults to children when dealing with a stomach bug. I hope she’s better.

  2. while i hate that my g-baby was sick, i am really glad you and justin are getting to have this experience…i wouldnt want raising a child to be easy! daddyO

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