Happy Dad’s Day!

Well, I will say that despite there being many families out there that think they have the best dad in their family, I know that Cailyn’s dad is the BEST dad God could have sent our family!  He proves to me every day that he will forever be an amazing father.  He is compassionate, patient, always serving the two us, gentle, playful, and so many other things.  I know that Cailyn is in good hands when she is with her Daddy.  Most of all, I love that he is passionate in teaching Cailyn about the Love of God.  Thank you, Justin, for embracing the role and responsibility God has given you as Cailyn’s father.  We love you!


NO, Im not done…


Father’s day also means a great deal on another level for me.  Why?  Because both Justin and I have amazing fathers in our lives as well!  They have both taught us things about love, hard work, fun, and being a good parent.  Unfortunately, we don’t have pictures of them with us really on this computer, but we do have some of them with Cailyn.  We could not have asked for better grandfathers for our sweet baby girl. They love her to pieces, and we are so excited for her to get to know them more as she grows.  Thanks DADS!

*this picture is of Justin’s dad and grandfather with him and Cailyn.  Can you not tell? 🙂



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