HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CAILYN! (beware: long post)

Well, today our sweet Cailyn turned ONE YEAR OLD!  We are in awe of how fast the time has gone by since she was born.  God could not have given us a better blessing.  Our family has grown in ways that are unimaginable because of her.  I haven’t really taken time on this blog to write about things that Cailyn does or likes through listing them, so I have decided I will do a bit of this now.  

Things Cailyn enjoys/does:

1. She will wave at anyone till she’s blue in the face…even strangers at Wal-Mart.

2. She only just recently understood how to drink from a normal sippy cup…this is because the only kind of sippy cup we had given her was one with a straw built into it.  She didn’t know that other cups had to be tilted up to get the liquid out.  It took her about a week to figure it out.  Tilting the cups for her was a pain…so glad she knows now!

3. She signs “please” when she wants something.  So helpful!

4. She LOVES to read and flip through books…board books or adult books.  Either one.

5. She crinkles her nose when she is fake laughing and being silly.

6. She is great at puzzles and putting things back together.

7. She is walking along furniture really well and working on taking those steps toward walking alone.

8. She captures the hearts of everyone, wherever we go.  This is fun to watch.

9. She will literally (almost every time) go to anyone who wants to hold her.  She is for sure the typical “church/minister’s baby”.

10. She has 2 parents and several other family members that adore her to her core!!!

So, our families have come to see us to celebrate her birthday.  My parents and sister came on the May 31st to visit, and they just left town this morning.  Justin’s mom and sister came June 4th, and they plan to stay until this coming Tuesday.  We are loving it!  Cailyn has been completely entertained.  This past Tuesday, my family along with Justin, Cailyn, and I went to Nashville to spend the day celebrating Hannah’s 21st birthday.  She was gracious enough to allow us to spend half of the day at ZOO!  We loved it!  Here are some pictures of our time there, and you can see a lot more if you click here.

Cailyn LOVED the meerkats.  We even bought her a shirt that has meerkats on it.  She squealed the entire time.  If you look closely, you can seek a meerkat in the picture with her.

We were SO TIRED when the time at the zoo was over…

We got tons of cool pictures of the animals, so check out the rest of them!

We spent the other half of the day visiting the Parthenon near Vanderbilt.  It was fun and also relaxing.  We chose not to actually pay and go inside, because we were beat from walking around the zoo.  Instead, we walked around the outside, took pictures, and enjoyed the breeze.  Here we are at the Parthenon:


My parents and sister also wanted to give Cailyn some of her gifts early so they could enjoy watching her play with them while they were here.  So, here she is with those.

Aunt Hannah gave her a tent and some beads to wear…she LOVED them both.  The beads were the best, though…

My parents brought the chair that she is in above.  It was my chair when I was little.  Mostly used for time out times (there were lots), but we will use it for fun now.  They also brought the horse that my grandfather made for me when I was little.  Cailyn is really good at it.  She had so much fun.

Teri and Allie got here just in time, because we had a birthday party for Cailyn last night at our new church, Fairlane Church of Christ.  We invited several families that have played important roles in us getting here.  There are some wonderful people here at Fairlane, and we could not have had Cailyn’s birthday party without them!  We miss our dear church family at Hope in Abilene so much, but God has blessed us here.  We feel very welcome.  We had such a fun time celebrating.  Justin cooked his grandmother’s Barbecue recipe as well as her potato salad.  Everyone loved it.  My mom made some baked beans from a recipe we got from the church secretary here.  They are amazing!  We had cake, of course, and we just enjoyed our time.  Justin and I put together a slideshow of Cailyn growing from day 1 to now.  It was fun to share with everyone.  The party was a huge success, and we think Cailyn thought so too!  

Our friends Chris and Stacey Field sent her a birthday present.  One of the things they sent was this adorable little dress.  It really for 18m, but we thought it would be a perfect dress for her party.  It fit well…THANK YOU FIELDS!  She loved her new dress!  It was special to have a new birthday outfit.

The cool wagon (among other things) came from her Auntie Allie and Nana (Teri).

Here are a few more pictures of her party…we have TONS more, so you can check out the rest by clicking here.

Cailyn and her two grandmothers:

These balloon cupcakes were on each table, and the “1” cake was just for some extra if anyone wanted more dessert!

(don’t look too closely…I decorated this cake in a mega hurry!)

Cailyn really didn’t do well with the whole “eat her cake” thing.  I had to pretty much show her that she could pick it up, and then she really only took one bite.  This is her showing us that she really isn’t sure she wants a cupcake.

Here she is opening up her baby doll present.  She adores her baby.  She is already rocking her baby…it is hilarious to watch.  I don’t really know how she even knows to do that.

We had a blast.  She loved every minute of the party, and it was such a blessing to have people with us that we are growing to love in order to celebrate her first birthday.  We have some video…who knows, I might have Justin help me put it on here.  This is long enough for now!  

Here are all of her friends that came…

Thanks to everyone who helped celebrate our daughter yesterday, today, and in the future!



One response to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CAILYN! (beware: long post)

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAILYN!!! It’s hard to believe that one year has gone by so quickly! You are growing up into a fun little girl! We miss you!

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