God is Good!

So, we have officially spent every night this week so far with a different group of people from Fairlane Church of Christ.  We had a wonderful time with a group of people over at the Garrell family’s home for Memorial Day.  They live in an amazing and greatly historic home.  This home has been lived in by their family for years, it was built in 1866, and the land that it is on was once owned by a soldier who fought in the Revolutionary War.  He is actually buried on their land.  Mr. Garrell is a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the military.  Their family really helped us celebrate Monday in a different way than we have in the past.  Not only did we have a great time eating the delicious meal that everyone put together as well as enjoy the outside games everyone played, but we were reminded of why we really have this holiday.  It was a fun evening.  The only sad part is that we forgot our camera, so we don’t have any pictures.  Horrible, I know.

Tuesday night we went to the Family Builders Class cookout at Shelbyville Park.  Mr. Richard Bobo grilled some tasty pork chops (and hot dogs for the kids), and we enjoyed some great fellowship, singing, and more outdoor games!  Justin and I played something called “corn hole” for the first time.  Well, I am pretty sure that’s what it’s called.  Basically it’s like horseshoes but with bean bag sort of things.  You try and toss them into a hole.  My team lost to Justin’s team…but not by much!  We have pictures, but I just realized they aren’t on the computer yet.  Sorry, this post is going down hill with each new paragraph I write.  🙂

Wednesday night we got the pleasure of attending the Iglesia de Cristo’s Wednesday night class at church.  It was all in Spanish, so we didn’t completely know what all went on (haha…some day), but we were able to sing along with them and follow along in our English Bibles.  This group of people is so welcoming and very kind.  They sang this cool song about welcoming us, and everyone stood up during the chorus and walked around to shake everyone’s hand.  Why don’t we do this in English services?  We should.  We really enjoyed this.

Finally, tonight we attended a Bible Study at the Koonce’s house.  There was a potluck beforehand, and boy did we potluck!  I ate so much.  Cailyn had meatloaf for the first time, and she loved it!  We studied John 6:1-40, and it was very insightful.  There was a pretty big group there, and we were uplifted.  Afterward, we sang a lot of songs.  So fun.  (I just read this paragraph and realize I wrote like only simple sentences…sounds funny…sorry).

Well, I have a couple of pictures to share.  Hannah gave Cailyn some adorable red shoes this past Christmas.  They are a size 4, so her foot is just now big enough to really stay in them.  She wore them to church this past Sunday for the first time, and I couldn’t help but take her picture.  She looked so cute!

Thanks Aunt Hannah!!!

Cailyn has totally not skipped a beat since our move here.  I watched her play the other day and wondered if her little brain had wrapped around anything we have been through in the past month.  It was slightly emotional thinking about how much more change she is about to go through in the next 6 months.  Well, longer than that really.  Anyway, my point is that she has done amazingly well adjusting to our new home.  Her room literally opens up to our living room, so it makes for a large area to play in during the day.  I like it this way.  It is easy to keep an eye on her.  I thought she looked so cute the other day playing in her room.  We pull these bins down from her dresser every day, so she does a pretty good job of going through them.  I am proud to admit that she is actually really good at helping to clean up.  I sing that clean up song every time we pick up, and she is so good at picking things up on her own to put back into the bins.  If you can’t tell, I’m proud.  Anyway, you don’t probably care about that…here are the pictures…

Well, that’s what our week has looked like so far.  My parents and sister begin driving here tomorrow.  They plan to drive through the night and get here to Shelbyville Saturday morning really early.  Well, not early for us.  Cailyn is an early riser.  They will be here all week until Friday, June 6th…CAILYN’S 1st BIRTHDAY!!!  I cannot believe she is practically one.  Wow.  Some more exciting news is that Justin’s mom and sister will also be coming this next Wednesday.  We are going to have an actual family-attended birthday party for her.  That was something that I sort of worried about when we found out we were moving out of TX for a while.  God has blessed us to have family that loves Cailyn and us so much that they will drive here to help us celebrate!

What else can we say God is Good!


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