Good Fortune

Ok, so I haven’t taken pictures of the inside, but here is a view of our house from the yard.

Cailyn is the blue dot on the steps.


We never had an issue with Cailyn getting into the cabinets while in Abilene, but we sure have here in TN.  We decided that while the pots and pans were ok, there were other things we didn’t want her getting into.  This is exactly the reason we decided to put hooks on the doors…

We are finding that she is quite mischievous!  She is actually in the kitchen pulling at the cabinet doors with no success as we speak.  Thank goodness for cabinet hooks!

Well, one other thing we have been up to is eating at New China Buffet.  We went there with a couple from the church the first Sunday we were here, and I have been dreaming about it ever since.  Cailyn and Justin love it, too, though. 🙂  Anyway, we decided to go eat there again today.  Oh, man, it was good!  I decided after receiving these 2 fortunes today, this place just might be my favorite here in Shelbyville.

After all, we all know how true these fortunes can be!

Hopefully we will see those bushels of gold soon! 🙂

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

3 responses to “Good Fortune

  1. So glad you are there and getting settled in your new house. It looks cute! Love the pictures of Cailyn with the pots. Those are priceless! We’re thinking about you guys and already missing you here!

  2. Dear Cailyn,
    I really miss you. And I wanted to spend all my money on going to see you in Tennessee. And I wanted to go with you to Peru. But I like living with my family too. Can you come back to Texas? You would like to see our baby bunny and our 2 baby kitties. And I’m planning on getting a goat or a horse to take care of. I liked y’alls blog. I saw all the pictures and I saw the video with you trying to walk. I really miss you Cailyn. Bye!
    p.s. I miss holding you.

  3. Hey Guys! This is the first time we’ve been on your blog. It’s great!!! Samantha was is hog heaven when I showed her this. She asked me to put this blog on her favorites.

    Looks like you are getting a little bit settled. Exciting times! Cailyn was so cute in the cabinets. I loved it! I wish I had one who could still fit in the cabinets!

    I know everything is probably hectic right now and you may have no clue where your TO TRAIN UP A CHILD book is, but I couldn’t help thinking about it when I saw “hooks on the cabinets”. If you get a chance read pg. 4-12 where is begins “Training not discipline.” It will save you A LOT of headache later on! Cailyn is at the perfect age to train.

    Here is an excerpt from the book:
    It just takes a few minutes to train a child not to touch a given object. Most children can be brought into complete and joyous subjection in just three days. Thereafter, if you continue to be faithful, the child will remain happy and obedient. By obedient, I mean you will never need to tell them twice. If you expect to receive instant obedience, and you train them to that end, you will be successful. It will take extra time to train, but once the child is in general subjection, the time saved will be extraordinary. Some people say, “Child-proof your home.” I say, “home proof your child.”

    Hope this helps.

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