We Made It

So, we are finally pretty settled in our new home.  I wish I had some pictures, but it is almost midnight, and I have no desire to hop off the bed to hook the camera up to the computer.  Sorry.  I plan to post more later.  

I just thought I would let you all know that we made it safely to Shelbyville, TN.  

Here are a few things I have learned since moving here:

1. Children can be so flexible…I’m not sure Cailyn has a clue that she will never be back in her “home” in Abilene.  She has adapted very well to her new surroundings.  I am extremely thankful, but there is also a part of me that is sad about this.  I guess that’s what can be expected.  And don’t worry, she is charming the people of Shelbyville to no end!  This is really paving the way for us as we try and make new friends…haha.

2. People in TN really do have strong country accents.  Wow.

3. I truly became accustomed to HEB’s variety of food…I am dying trying to find equivalents to the brands of food we like to eat…aaaahhh!

4. Using a packing box with material over it really can be a fine night stand.

5. The people at the Fairlane Church of Christ here in Shelbyville see no boundaries when it comes to serving our family.  We have been doubly blessed!

Hannah (my sister) has been staying with us this first week that we’ve been here.  It has been wonderful!  Cailyn has LOVED it!  I am pretty sure Cailyn will notice when Han leaves.  She goes home tomorrow, and she actually gets to come back in a couple of weeks when my parents and Justin’s mom and sister come to visit.  Cailyn will be turning ONE on June 6th (!!!!!), so they are all coming to help us celebrate.  I cannot wait.  I can’t believe I have an almost one year old.  Man.

Ok, I’ve got to head to bed.  Thanks everyone for prayers you lift up for us.  We really do cherish that in this exciting and eventful time in our lives.  We would love for you to check out our teammate’s websites so you can get to know them as well.  They are all linked on our page.  Many of them have written lately about the short amount of time that is between now and our departure date.  It is almost just as overwhelming as it is exciting.  According to one of them, we have like 90 days or so before we leave the country!  So, keep us in your prayers.  

More on life here at our new home later.  


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