Organized Chaos

So, this last week has been INSANE in many ways, and yet we have really had a fun time for so many reasons.  I’m honestly a bit embarrassed to even show a couple of these pictures because of how incredibly messy our house is, but I decided to get over it.  So, here is a recap of our week through pictures…

Cailyn has totally enjoyed the craziness we have called “home” the last week or so, and here she is showing off her climbing skills.  She was so proud to have climbed up onto these boxes…


These are the types of things you get to play with when you are packing up your home.  Slowly, every little item we own became a toy for Cailyn…we might have a swimmer in the making.  She loved wearing these goggles!


We have 2 living areas that are next to one another in our house.  Our first living area basically looked like this all week as we sorted through all we have to decide if it was “going to Tennessee”, “going only to Peru and not to TN”, “being sold in a garage sale” (yes, we came up with TONS more garage sale items that we didn’t sell in our garage sale 2 weekends ago…bummer), or “going to College Station into storage”.  Sort of stressful thinking about it all.  (AAAHHHH):


Oh, but have no fear!  My extremely organized husband came up with a system for us to use.  If you’ll notice in the previous picture, he had bins for me (top, right-hand corner of the picture) that sat along our wall with signs on them saying “pack for TN”, “pack for College Station”, and “pack for Peru”.  After I filled those bins with things, he would box the stuff up, and we would then take it to our 2nd living area that looked like this:


Each corner of the room had a sign.  Yes, we went sign happy.  If we hadn’t done that, we would have never gotten it all together and packed in time.  Cailyn, as I mentioned above, has loved crawling all around and playing with whatever she finds on the floor.  I had to give up on caring a whole lot about what she played with, because there was no way I could watch her every second and keep her from ripping magazine pages that I wanted to keep or pulling over stacks of books we planned to sell.  It was releasing for us to let her enjoy herself.  Less stressful as well.  Here she is exercising some freedom:


She also found a box of sweet ‘n low that my dad uses in his coffee when he comes to visit .  It is extremely full of probably a few hundred packets, and it was a blast for her to play with.  It would take her a while to pull them all out, and then she wanted to put them all back in.  She also loved waving her hands all around and sending them all over the kitchen floor.  We laughed so much watching her do this without her realizing she was being watched.


We had a bit of a time crunch in the end, because we had my parents and grandparents coming in this weekend for Hannah’s graduation from ACU tomorrow.  We wanted the house to at least be clear to walk a straight line through…haha.  We are still very much in the midst of packing, but much has been finished.  My dad got a U-Haul in order to bring back Hannah’s stuff that she is moving out of her house here in Abilene, and Justin asked to share in the space to send some of our storage items back to College Station.  Unfortunately, the trailer my dad rented was MUCH too small for everything that needed to be taken back.  We didn’t do such a great job in letting him know just how much we were sending to College Station…oops.  So, after brainstorming about different options for getting everything to CS, dad and Justin decided their only option was to fill the U-haul this morning and make a trip to CS to unload and to then come all the way back from CS to Abilene in one day in order to be back to see Han graduate in the morning.  WOW.  So, they are currently on the road and should be back around midnight tonight.  Neither of them complained whatsoever about having to do this, and it was a bit humbling for me, because I was thinking how frustrated I would have been had I needed to be the one to go.  God has blessed me with a dad and husband who will go out of their way to serve their families.  I feel like I should be singing God’s (and their) praises!  So, here they are about to pull out.


With so many boxes out of our house, things look somewhat bare, and yet, there is still so much more to do.  We would really appreciate your prayers as we will be packing yet another truck to drive our things to Shelbyville next Saturday.  In addition to this, our team could really use your prayers as we are working out the details of how best to ship all of our belongings to Peru.  We have some wonderful resources, and God seems to be blessing our efforts to find the best option.  

I realize this post is so long already, but I will just leave by giving you our time-line for the next week.  We have a team retreat in Brownwood (about an hour and a half from Abilene) this coming Monday through Wednesday.  We were all asked to leave the kids behind so that our focus could be solely on the retreat information, so Cailyn will be spending her FIRST NIGHT AWAY from me (and Justin for that matter) beginning Sunday night.  She is going home with my parents on Sunday to CS, and we will be meeting them half way between Brownwood and CS to get her back before we move.  So, this means we won’t be with her for 3 (and possibly 4) nights.  I am a little sad to think about not seeing her for so long.  I can only imagine I will miss her terribly.  I have complete confidence that she will be loved and then some with my parents, and that is comforting!  This also means another slightly large transition and change.  I have nursed Cailyn since day 1.  She has never taken a bottle.  I LOVED it, and it could not have been a better experience.  I, of course, don’t nurse her often now, and she is eating table food, but there are some mornings when she wants to be close with me, and I will nurse her in bed when she gets up.  I am using this time apart to sort of bring this chapter of our time together to a close.  It’s time, I guess.  I am ready to sort of have my body back to myself completely for at least a little while before #2 comes along (no, I’m not pregnant now).  Still, it brings some emotions up within me that make me a bit sad and already a little nostalgic just thinking about not nursing anymore.  Ok, so I hope this wasn’t too personal for anyone.  I can only be honest about what is going on with us these days, and this is all a part of our transition.  So, after our retreat, Justin and I will completely finish packing, and we plan to then drive to Dallas Friday in order to leave for Shelbyville on Saturday, May 17th.  I’ve mentioned before, but Cailyn and I will be flying, and Justin will be driving the moving van.

So, that is a look into our lives at present.  Organized Chaos.


2 responses to “Organized Chaos

  1. Thats sad for me 😦 I wish there was some way we could come up to dallas next weekend, but don works saturday and sunday night. In any case, i hope that your trip and your retreat are safe. We’ll be thinking of you, and if we can help out any way from here, just let us know. Love yall!

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