What Mommy Wants, Mommy Doesn’t Always Get…

The other day, I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies.  Cailyn saw me take them out of the oven, and it was painfully obvious she wanted some.  I was kind of in a rush trying to shower so we could go out.  I had waited until the last possible minute to shower…you know, right before you are supposed to be somewhere, and I was frustrated at myself for doing so.  I really didn’t have time to sit Cailyn down with hot chocolate chip cookies and let her have at ’em.  We had to be somewhere soon, and I knew chocolate would be everywhere if I let her eat them then.  She didn’t care about the timing of our day, so she continued to moan as if to say “please, please, I want some, I want some, please…” (and on, and on, and on).  So, what do I do?  I call out to Justin (he was watching golf on T.V. and was completely ready to leave the house…typical Thompson routine – he’s ready, and I’m not),

Me: “Hey, J.  Can you please sit with her so she can eat some of these cookies I made?  I HAVE to shower NOW!” 

J: “Uh…[long pause as he undoubtedly watched the next hole being played on T.V.].  Yeah.  Can you bring her in here?”

Me: How does he think he’s going to feed her chocolate chip cookies in the living room? “Yeah, I guess.”

So, I stuck Cailyn in her high chair, threw a bib around her neck, put 2 cookies on a small plate, and took the entire thing into our living room.  (Her high chair is amazingly light and so easy to handle…best purchase ever by the way…it’s from IKEA.)  Anyway.  When I got her to the living room, I proceeded to tell Justin my instructions on how to best feed her so that she wouldn’t get so messy.  I’m not sure what I was thinking really.

Me: “Ok, just try and give her the edges that have no chocolate in them.  She won’t know.  I would rather her not have much chocolate anyway, and she won’t get as messy.  You can just feed her the chocolaty pieces yourself so it isn’t so messy.” Why am I giving so many instructions, geez.  It’s a chocolate chip cookie.

J: “Ok.”

Well, when I got out of the shower and finished getting ready, I came back into the living room only to find this…

and this…

and this…Cailyn saying “MMM, MMM, GOOD!”

Not only did she look like this, but there were many more cookies involved in the mess than just the two I suggested be fed to her.  As I said above, “What mommy wants, mommy doesn’t always get”.

And that needs to be ok. 🙂


One response to “What Mommy Wants, Mommy Doesn’t Always Get…

  1. That is funny. I’ve learned over the years that Mike is much more relaxed than I am in MANY areas. It’s frustrating at the time but it always seems to work out fine. I’m slowly learning to be more like him in that way!

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