Short and Sweet

It is about my bed time, but I just wanted to post a few pictures so that we can get caught up on the things we’ve been up to.  I posted many months ago some of the faces Cailyn would make while sleeping.  I don’t know how to put a link here so you can refer to that post…just check out our archives if you really want to see it.  🙂  Anyway, those sorts of faces have stuck with her.  One day I came home from work ( I work 3 days a week at my old job from before Cailyn was born for those who didn’t know), and I asked Justin what Cailyn and he had done that day.  “Oh, we had a picnic on the front porch for lunch” is how he responded. Can I just say, he is so great with her.  I couldn’t ask for a better dad for Cailyn…she loves him to death!  So, here are the pictures I found on the camera of her trying to eat the blueberries he gave her at lunch time…


Cailyn sure loved ’em!

When all else fails…pull out the blueberries!

Easter pictures and more coming soon…


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