Continued Search

Well, I wanted to let everyone know that we are continuing to search for a church that will partner with us emotionally, spiritually, and financially for our time in Peru.  We have a few churches that we have kept in contact with lately, and we have some exciting news to report.

We went to Dallas last weekend to spend Sunday morning with the Prestoncrest Church of Christ.  They have a special collection every 5th Sunday for one-time gifts to families and ministries like ours.  We were extremely blessed by being there.  We met so many wonderful people, and probably one of the most exciting things was that we met Maria Gelbres, who is from Lima, Peru!  Her family actually lives in one of the areas of Lima that our team is looking at as a possible place to settle down once we arrive.  We are so happy to have met her, and we are really looking forward to hopefully getting to know her family.  In the end, the Prestoncrest Church of Christ was very generous and blessed us with enough money to help us get to Costa Rica for language training before we arrive in Peru.  We are so thankful for this congregation of believers!

Our weekend was so great, and we were definitely feeling blessed by it.  We had begun driving back to Abilene Sunday evening when we got a call from the Fairlane Church of Christ in Shelbyville, TN.  Some information about our family had been sent to them by Gary Green, our missions coordinator here at ACU.  They let us know that they had seen our packet, they liked what they saw, and they were hoping to bring us to Tennessee to spend two Sundays with their church as a kind of get-to-know us/interviewing process sort of visit.  Justin and I were a bit shocked to say the least.  We had only heard of this church a few weeks before.  So, we matched our schedules, and we will be flying to Tennessee this coming Saturday, the 12th! 

I will admit, sharing this is exciting for us, but it also makes me a little nervous.  We do not have any idea what our time with this church will bring.  We believe that God has truly laid this in our laps by no actions of our own.  It is clear to us that our trip to meet this congregation is in God’s hands.  Ultimately, we desire to enjoy our time there, get to know the people of their church, and seek to find out whether this is where God wants us to be.  We ask that you and your families pray diligently for us as we continue on this search.  We know that if this does not end up being the place we stay, God will show us where he wants us to go.  We are forever learning that while this time of waiting on God can be scary and at times frustrating,  it is also exciting and adventuresome!  God has put us in a place that makes it easy to see just how powerful and how organized he is.  We thank you up front for your prayers!

4 responses to “Continued Search

  1. I was just thinking to myself while reading this, that I can’t imagine how many lives you will touch in God’s name in Peru, and I started tearing up and getting chills, ha! I am so excited that God has blessed you guys with amazing gifts and a heart for the lost. I’m praying for y’all and sweet Cailyn, that God would bless you so abundantly (He already has!), and that He would give you peace to rest in that blessing! Love y’all.

  2. We have heard of your coming and are praying for the potential partnership with the Fairlane church. We, teamAREQUIPA, are just 15 minutes down the road in Tullahoma so if you have a free lunch time, give us a call. (901-240-5066, 931-455-4665, office)

    -Oh yeah, this is Kyle Smith, part of the team heading to Arequipa, Peru in August.

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