Update Central

If I could just snap my fingers and all of our pictures would automatically upload to our computer the minute we took them, then I might stay up with this whole blog thing. Unfortunately, that’s not possible. I spent a while today uploading lots of pictures so that I could update everyone on our goings on. So, here is a glimpse of what we’ve been up to (or really what Cailyn has been up to) since the end of January…you are about to experience picture overload…

So, Cailyn really loves her tongue, and here are the pictures to prove it


I’m pretty sure her tongue is purple…just noticed that…hmm.

Anyway, she’s also very into all of her toys these days. She does really well playing by herself…I am not sure what I would do if she didn’t. “Praise Baby” has been a large contributor to her joyful play times.


She has also discovered that her crib is actually a very fun play-place.

What we are still working on is the whole “don’t chew on the side of the crib” thing. Justin and I painted this before she was born, and now that she has teeth, the paint can be a bit of a hazard. This makes it necessary for us to keep a close eye on her. You can see that we have been doing a great job with that…


ok, so we need to continue working on this. She is actually doing well at listening to me when I say to stop, but it seems her memory is pretty short term as far as remembering not to do it again on a different occasion. Who knew.

Another fairly new thing in our lives is real table food. It is coming together slowly due to the fact that Cailyn really still prefers us to spoon feed her (so spoiled, we know). Despite this, she loves helping me eat bananas (there’s just something about seeing mom take a bite too, I guess), and cheerios, grapes, and crackers are some other things that have made good first impressions with her. Here is an example of snack time and how messy it gets…thanks to Gerber’s toast sticks and biter biscuits.

Some other things Cailyn is dabbling in these days are as follows…

1. Totally messing up the blinds behind her crib during nap and play time. Here is a shot of what I found after being gone from her room only a few minutes the other day…notice the blinds in the background are totally messed up…yet another thing we will probably have to learn not to do while in our crib…

2. Cailyn can pull herself up to a standing postition and actually stay standing about 20% of the times that she tries. Here she is after defeating her baby bouncer…

3. Probably the funniest looking thing she does these days is purse her lips and spit. It comes out sounding a little like a weed-eater…and, yes, we know it looks like she is pooping, but believe me, that is a whole other facial expression…



in this picture, we actually caught some drooling action …

very attractive, we know.

4. Cailyn loves standing and playing with her music board, but she slowly begins to do the splits and eventually falls. This is her before falling

5. Finally, we decided to designate our least used remote as Cailyn’s own remote. Batteries are not included.

This last week or so, we have been battling a huge flare up in eczema on Cailyn’s body. She has always had pretty sensitive skin, and she has also always had some sort of area that we have needed to continually medicate. In the last 3 weeks, she has developed more areas that are irritated and very red. We ended up taking her to a dermatologist recently to make sure we were doing all we could for it. Unfortunately, she had a reaction to the Eucerin cream he suggested we put on it, and this is what it turned into…prepare your eyes for this…it’s pretty nasty…

So, we are now going uphill from this situation. Her legs (yes, it was like this on both of her legs and a little like this around her neck and in her right armpit) are doing much better. Her neck is pretty much clear, and her armpit is on it’s way to recovery as well. Now we just have to make sure we grease her up with Cetaphil lotion so that she stays moisturized and is not prone to breaking out like this again. Oh the things you learn when you have your first child.

Well, this is the end of my very long post. If you want to see more pictures, you can click here. It will take you to our Flickr account. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


3 responses to “Update Central

  1. Bless her heart! Nathan was the same way and we ended packing “mucho” Aquafor and Cetaphil for him in the container… good news, he did somewhat outgrow it. We’re still a little sensitive to sunscreen, but overall so much better. I hope you guys end up the same 🙂 Great new pictures!

  2. I can truly see that Cailyn is Aniston’s cousin…chubby cheeks, chubby legs, and now the sensitive skin…it is going to be fun this summer to watch the two of them play together….you’ve got a cutie!!!! Great Aunt Shari

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