So, we have been going through our entire house in the last few weeks trying to decide what we want to sell, what we want to store away and not take to Peru, and what we want to pack for Peru. Doing things like this are only easy and smooth when you have a husband like mine…he is the MASTER PACKER! Ok…totally not what this post is about, but I thought I would give him a good shout out.

So, I am going through shelves in the cabinets of my kitchen that I rarely look through, and I come to the “water bottle, plastic pitcher, random plastic cup” shelf when I notice we have a HUGE, HUGE plastic cup with the phrase “SUPER 64” all around it. Of course, “SELL IT” is my first thought, and then I begin to wonder, “Who in our family even bought this thing in the first place?!” I have a feeling my wonderful husband (who, don’t forget, is a wonderful packer) would admit to purchasing such a cup. It was probably during his “youth minister at Hope Church of Christ” days on one of his many stops with the boys at Allsups, the corner gas station on the drive to take them home after church.

After gawking at the size of this cup, I threw it onto the living room floor with a bunch of other “garage sale” items I had found. Cailyn is (almost) crawling these days, so she has really enjoyed the piles of useless things in our living room that she worms herself toward in order to find out what they do. Thus, she found “The Cup”. It really is a perfect toy for a baby looking for some great entertainment, and I noticed that it kept her attention for nearly 30 min. At least it has some good use to us! As I watched her sit there playing with this cup, I just couldn’t help but begin to wonder what in the world is wrong with society that we feel we actually need a cup, for soda no less, that is literally about as tall as an 8 month olds torso??? PEOPLE ACTUALLY BUY THESE 64 oz. CUPS, FILL THEM WITH SODA, AND THINK IT IS SATISFYING…ONLY TO DO IT AGAIN THE NEXT DAY!

Don’t get me wrong…I love me a good RootBeer, but come on! So, what else could I do but capture this with our camera.

All I can say is, be careful how many of these cupfuls you drink, because you just might end up having thighs that look just like Cailyn’s…not so cool after you age a bit.


One response to “SUPER 64

  1. I so remember those days of deciding where everything was going… goodwill… garage sale… container… mom and dad’s… trunks going on plane with us… Ahhh! I can’t say I envy you, but I’m glad you’re wading through it gracefully 🙂 I was going to tell you that if you think it might be helpful info, one of the best purchases we made while home on furlough was an actual skype phone… we’ve used skype for our entire time here to call home, but now I’m hands free with a headset all over the house, and with a two year old and one on the way it’s such a blessing… anyway, just wanted to pass that along. Hope you’re all doing great, and we loved the lake house too! We had at least two team retreats out there in our day (esp. since we were super close) and it was such a blessing!

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