Christmas Presents Galore (I know this is way overdue!)

So, in an attempt to catch you all up on our last month or so, here are some pictures of a few of our fun Christmas times.

Our team got together early December to celebrate the Christmas season. We drew names for our gift exchange, and ironically, only a couple of us actually drew the name of a person the same gender as ourselves. We were excited to see how it turned out. All of us received wonderful gifts, but we did decide to have the girls draw from each other’s names and the guys draw from a separate pile with their names next year. Lucky kids, they get gifts from everyone. 🙂 Here are some pictures of our kids opening presents.

When we were finished with all of the present hoopla, we read the story of Christ’s birth. It was a wonderful ending to a wonderful evening. Each time we are with our teammates, we are reminded of how blessed we are to have friends that love the Lord.

You can check out a couple more pictures from our party by clicking here.

Since we spent Christmas in North Dakota, we opened Christmas presents with my parents and sister in the middle of December…it was great! Here are some shots of that…

If you want to see the rest, just click here.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful January! Check back later for more posts on our time at Lake Brownwood with our team as well as our trip to the North!


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