Still Holiday-ing

Ok, so I will have more pictures and stories about the holidays soon, but I am sitting at my parent’s computer now and don’t have access to any of our pictures. We have not been home since December 17th, and boy am I ready to be settled back in our house. We spent about 4 days with our team in Brownwood at an amazing lake house in the middle of December (really it was so large and amazing that I am not sure it falls into the category of “lake houses” in my book, but it was one nonetheless). We had one final hoorah sort of retreat before we all split for the holidays. Then, we came to College Station, picked up a rental car, and drove to North Dakota! Our trip there was really not so pleasant, but our time there and our trip back was much better. Cailyn got way too many cute/fun presents, and we loved being with family.

I plan to post more later, but I thought I would at least let everyone know where we’ve been. It might take me a while to get you caught up on our life, especially since I don’t plan to post on more than one thing in one day. I did that once back in the beginning of my posting days, and Justin quickly told me it was not ok to post 2 different things in one day just in case people only check the first post when they are checking your blog. Whatever, I say. I see his point, I guess. Anyway, just in case that really is a “rule”, I won’t do it again.

Stay tuned for more Thompson news…Happy New Year everyone!


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