Does it get any better than this?

In our attempt to keep up with the high activity level Cailyn has, we are constantly thinking up new games to play. I’m pretty sure I’ve sung “If you’re Happy and you Know it” WAY too many times, and we’ve been through all of her books so many times I know them by heart. So, it was time tonight to pull out the big guns…WATER GAMES and NOISE MAKERS! Cailyn loved it all!

There’s nothing that comes close to being as cool as playing with water, kitchen bowls, and measuring cups when you’re 6 months old

Well…it was fun until she decided it wasn’t fun any more…

So, we pulled out an amazing toy that could keep anyone entertained for hours…a musical instrument-playing, alphabet-singing, number-counting, shape-naming, English AND Spanish-speaking board. There are buttons all over that make play-time unexplainably exciting!

DSC_0540 DSC_0535

DSC_0536 DSC_0530

We had a great night!


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