Happy Halloween

So, I know it’s not Halloween yet, but I figured I could post some of our pictures of Cailyn’s costume early.  We are going to a Fall Festival at the Fletcher’s house for Halloween, so that means we won’t be at home handing out candy…ok with me.  We live on one of the busiest streets in Abilene…aka…Halloween central!  I felt like we went broke buying candy last year, and it lasted no time at all.  So, needless to say, I am ok with not experiencing that again. 

Justin plans on being a redneck…he has this hilarious trucker hat with a mullet attached, a tatoo that says “Keep on Truckin” next to a picture of an 18-wheeler, and some nasty teeth to insert.  I think it’s hilarious.  Of course, I have no clue what I am going to be.  We are all supposed to dress up, but I am honestly not really into dressing up for Halloween.  I know…I’m a dud.  I still have to find something, though…not sure what.  Ugh…who knows.  Despite my bad attitude about my own costume, we loved getting Cailyn dressed up.  So, here it is…



4 responses to “Happy Halloween

  1. OF COURSE she is a penguin!!! Penguins are the best!

    She is so gorgeous…so glad y’all have a blog that i can read and see how she’s doing! It was great seeing y’all at homecoming! Love you!

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