Some late pictures…

I haven’t gotten around to posting these, but we have enjoyed the new activity of feeding Cailyn some cereal and baby food these past couple of weeks. She is doing well, but we are definitely still working on it.

She loves grabbing the spoon while we try and feed her (you can’t totally see that in the picture), and unfortunately, her mouth was NOT in the line of fire this time…

and…a few more pictures of her first experience with food…

Last week, Justin decided to take Cailyn for a ride as he mowed our lawn. I thought she would hate it and cry from the loud noise, but she actually FELL ASLEEP! Here is a cute snapshot I got before she decided to take a nap…

Finally, we went to the pumpkin patch here in Abilene with the team the other day. We had a lot of fun, and we got some great pictures. Here are some, and you can check out the rest on our picture site.

check out the rest…they are great. Have a wonderful weekend!


One response to “Some late pictures…

  1. please dont think im copying you on my blog..haha.. I posted pics of Kai eating his cereal too. But in my defense, I ALWAYS check your blog and its been stuck on the same post forever, and then when I went to face book and clicked on the link there, 3 new posts showed up! argh. Anyways, we miss yall !

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