Has it really been a month?!

I have been meaning to write for some time about life at our house this past month, but I just haven’t gotten to it. So, here is a fairly large update…

We spent September 29th – October 8th in College Station with our team. The A&M Church of Christ asked us to be there the week before as well as the weekend of their missions Sunday. All week we had team activities, met with individuals in the church, had meals with many of the church members, and hung out with family. It was great! The church was so great to us, and our time there ended in the church family collecting more than enough money for the support our entire team needed for our year of training. God really did bless this church as well as our team. The icing on the cake was that we got to spend tons of time with my family and Justin’s family. Cailyn was spoiled! Here are a few pictures to show the fun she had with her Nana and Auntie Allie…



Cailyn also got a lot of time with her Honey (Cathie) and Grandpa Orozco (Daniel). Honey took Cailyn to a pumpkin patch and shot some amazing pictures of her with the pumpkins…so cute. Here are a couple, but the rest are on our picture site…

Are these not the cutest things you ever seen?! Anyway…we had a wonderful time with our family!

This last weekend we spent the weekend in Brownwood at a missions retreat. It was so great for our team to spend some time learning about trust within mission teams and relationships as well as discussing some of the theological issues we feel we will deal with as we work in Peru. It was a great experience. We have also recently taken time out as a team to have family fun times in order to make sure we aren’t always so focused on the business of our training time. So…we went to the Abilene Zoo about a week ago. It was fun. Cailyn enjoyed her first trip to the zoo…and here are a few pictures to prove it…

So, this was a fun time as well.

We have had a lot of fun times with Cailyn lately…here are a few pictures of her (you can see them all on flickr)…









Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


One response to “Has it really been a month?!

  1. Such great pictures! Enjoy the times when you are able to put her in the Bumbo and she stays put. Soon, she’ll be able to roll or twist her way out of it. (I’m still not quite sure how Isaiah figured that one out!!) 🙂

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