Life in Training

Well, needless to say, it has been a while since we have posted anything. Sorry to those who check up on our website…we will try and be a little more up to date with things.

Our team training for Lima, Peru has officially started! We began unofficially on September 1st, but we had our first meeting on September 3rd. So, we have now had 2 weeks to try and get used to our schedule. I wouldn’t say I am completely used to it yet, but things are definitely getting smoother.

Each morning, our team meets at someone’s home (a different home each day) for a morning “meeting”. I use the word meeting a little loosely, because we do different things each time we are together. We actually meet Mondays and Tuesdays in order to discuss business-type things, and it is a time to kind of bring up decisions that need to be made and topics that need to be talked about. Wednesdays are our “mentoring time” with Gary Green (ACU missions professor/south american missions coordinator for ACU). Anyway, Gary has really been amazing for our team, and he helps us stay on track with what needs to be done. He also meets with us so that we have an experienced missionary to use as a sounding board for issues we want to know more about. He is wonderful. Then, on Thursdays, we have a cultural discussion. Each family is in charge of taking a cultural topic to research and then share with the team. Mark Clancy and Lee Fletcher have already given us some wonderful history lessons on Peru in general as well as Lima specifically. It is overwhelming at times to think about everything we need to learn about Lima in order to be able to relate even somewhat with the people. So, eventually, we will have talked about all sorts of cultural topics at our Thursday morning meetings. Finally, Fridays are our devotional time together. We meet for a morning devo. We have split it up to where each family is in charge of leading the devo on a different Friday. So, that is our morning schedule in a nutshell. Not only do we see each other every morning, but we also have afternoon and evening times when we do things together. The guys have what they call “Guy’s Trust Building Time”, which basically consists of playing handball, basketball, or some other sport that they choose. Fortunately, the girls get that same opportunity a couple of times a week as well. We have a girls breakfast time that we use to talk, laugh, vent, cry, etc…you know…girl stuff. We also have a designated time when the guys spend time with the kids while we get the afternoon together and without children…it’s amazing! All in all, we are having a terrific time as we worship God, learn about and prepare for Lima, and grow together.

Posting about our training and what we have been up to would not be complete if I didn’t add some pictures as well as some updates on Cailyn. So, below are some pictures and different things we have enjoyed in the past weeks.

Cailyn and her daddy love to lay around and talk…she is totally focused on their conversation here

Cailyn is really strong when she kicks, and her little feet get to going when she is excited. Here she is laying on her boppy, and the next picture shows her nose dive due to the immense amount of kicking she did with her legs.

Here Cailyn is at 12 wks. (she was 14 weeks this past Wed. – 3 months on sept. 6th). She is continuing to love her fists, and they are definitely serving the place of a pacifier…she hates her pacifiers…much to our disappointment at times.

These next few pictures are of Cailyn at 3 months…we cannot believe she is already working on her 4th month of life…wow! She is constantly doing new things, and we are loving life with her. Here are some of the things she loves to do these days…


  • chew on her fingers, our clothes, her blankets, toys, etc…
  • watch her daddy talk to her…she really smiles and talks back
  • ride in her baby bjorn when we go on walks around ACU
  • scream/squeal with delight…we think she just likes listening to herself and her powerfully loud/HIGH scream
  • blow bubbles
  • lay on her tummy…although she is still working on getting to her tummy from her back by rolling over on her own…we expect she will be rolling over soon
  • kick her legs when she is excited
  • play with her aunt hannah!
  • swing in her papasan swing while watching her praise baby video (she will sit almost all the way through without taking her attention off of the screen…crazy)
  • watch movies with mom and dad…or by herself…she watched the movie “Cars” the other day by herself for nearly an hour while I cleaned the house!
  • play peek-a-boo…it’s too cute
  • giggle…this is our favorite! her laugh is not yet consistent, but we have heard it a few times, and we LOVE IT!

so…here are her latest pictures…


Gotta love those little fingers and toes!

Cailyn loves her toys, and she is getting really good at holding them and EATING them!

but…alas…she still prefers her fingers

Ok…I know this is a FOREVER LONG post, but Justin wanted me to let everyone know that Cailyn ran her first 5k run this morning! She and daddy got 2nd place (although, she technically went across the finish line before justin did)! They got a medal and everything. We met the Fletchers there, and we had a great time. I ran/walked it with Stephanie Fletcher…she was good to me and helped me go the entire way and not stop short…because I SO WOULD HAVE if I had been alone! Sorry, no pictures of this morning…stinks, I know.

ok…really, the last thing is that below is a recent team picture that we took. This is updated with all of the kids actually there in person (not in the womb). 🙂 You can also keep updated on our team things and how we are through our team website ( We have committed as a team to keep posts updated on there, so check it out! Love all of you guys…hope you enjoyed this LONG post! 

peace out!


4 responses to “Life in Training

  1. Hi guys!
    I love reading your blog!! Cailyn is absolutely adorable, I’m in love with her… SO exciting about your team coming together and getting started on everything! I’m praying for y’all definitely…Alison! I meant to call you on Thursday to wish you happy birthday, but ummm I’m a bad friend and I didn’t. BUT just know that I was thinking of you!! Love y’all!

  2. hey!

    haha what fun pictures! you forgot though that she “enjoys spending time with her future husband while going on monitered walks with their moms” aww i miss yall so much 🙂 youd better call me today so i can give you those minutes!

  3. cailyn is the most beautiful grandbaby i have ever seen!! i can’t wait to see her and of course ………..alison and justin!! love you all !! love, nana

  4. what a great blog post! i enjoyed hanging with you guys last weekend, and i’m praying for your family and your team. may you be a mission team TODAY – may you be God’s church TODAY – and in Lima – and forever. God bless you all!

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