Staying Busy

Life at our house continues to stay busy. For those who check our blog, we are sorry we haven’t posted anything these last 3 weeks. We have done several things since our last update. This past weekend we were able to go to College Station to stay with family for the first time since Cailyn was born. We had a lot of fun. Justin’s sister, Allie, had her birthday, so we celebrated, and my sister, Hannah, came back from her language school in Guatemala, so we welcomed her home. Cailyn also had the blessing of being a part of the Baby Dedication time at the A&M Church of Christ. We were honored.

Here are a few new pictures to mark the events of the past few weeks:


family fun at Putt-Putt…Cailyn kept score

Here I am about to make a hole-in-one…


In the past few weeks, Cailyn has discovered many new things, and she is constantly busy learning about everything around her. It is so fun to watch. Justin and I love to watch movies, and we have realized that Cailyn is definitely interested too!


Here she is watching a movie with us:
Since then, we have decided it might be time to purchase some baby videos. 🙂

She is also getting more and more engaged by her toys…

Also in the past few weeks, Cailyn has gotten to meet some new family members. Her uncle Preston and his girlfriend, Regan, stopped by on their way up to North Dakota. She really loved them. She also got to meet my aunt, uncle, and cousin.

Cailyn, Uncle Preston, and Regan

and…here she is with my Aunt Becky, Cousin Cami, and Uncle Ted:

Now that Aunt Hannah is back from Guatemala, Cailyn is getting to spend some good quality time with her. Hannah came over to the house the other day and had tons of fun with us. Thanks to her, we were able to get some shots of what Cailyn is likely to look like in a few years when her hair grows out. We wanted to share them with you:


unfortunately, Cailyn didn’t seem to think she liked her “look”…

…that’s ok, though, because she still loves her aunt…

So, these are the things we have been up to lately. If you want to check out some more of our pictures, feel free to check out the “August 2007” and “Growth Chart” groups of pictures on our flickr account. Below are a few of my other favorite pictures. Hope you all enjoy!


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