Spanish Lessons

Well, it really is getting down to crunch time (sort of) as far as learning Spanish goes. Our mission team, for those who don’t know, begins team training here in Abilene on September 1st, and in just less than a year or so, we will be heading to Costa Rica to really hit the books and learn Spanish in preparation for our move to Lima, Peru. Justin and I both have about 3 years of Spanish under our belts, but unfortunately, those years happened in high school (which Justin just realized tonight is almost 10 years ago for him…wow). So, what did we do…we hit up Books-A-Million!

Yes, we checked out what Books-A-Million had for us in the way of audio learning, and we found a great “learn-in-your-car” cd set. We have already listened to a few lessons in the car, and I can tell we are on our way to becoming fluent! Justin also got this verb dictionary (totally academic looking, and not something I could EVER sit and read)…there are something like thousands of Spanish verbs in it. Man, have we got some learning to do! I, on the other hand, got this totally awesome VISUAL spanish/english dictionary. There are colored pictures in it, and it really is fun to look through. There are over 6,000 different words/phrases in it, and I have already mastered the majority of the “body parts” section…figured that would come in handy as we will be teaching Cailyn her body parts in the near future, plus it was the first section in the book.

So, Justin, Cailyn, and I have recently spent many evenings walking around ACU’s great walk/jog path, and we have dedicated this time as our Spanish lesson time. I have taught Justin all I have learned now, which helps me to remember more as well, and he has agreed to teach me verbs in exchange for my vocab. We’re totally going to become Spanish whizzes!

We will keep you updated on how our spanish lessons go. Adios!


One response to “Spanish Lessons

  1. We’re super excited for you guys as you start the more “hands on” part of your adventure to Lima! Be prepared though to continue adapting your Spanish as you get to Peru because their pronunciation and use of verb tense may be very different than what you learn in the books/CDs. We learned that here in Cochabamba the people use the past perfect much more than the preterite (sp?) for example… instead of “comiste” for you ate… they use “has comido” so it’ll be an adventure too to marry the Spanish you’re learning with the Spanish you’ll actually speak for years to come! God bless!

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