Play Time

Justin and I have to laugh some mornings as we wake up to our sweet child grunting, cooing, and kicking her legs as if to say “Let’s Play!”…sometimes much earlier than we are ready to get up. She is in bed with us some mornings due really to my laziness in the night when she wakes up. She is quite the cuddle bug, and I love it, so laying her in bed next to us can be a treat…that is until her noises serve as an early alarm clock.

Our mornings are usually very pleasant. Cailyn seems to be most alert then, and she enjoys playing. She has gotten a lot better at entertaining herself for longer, which can be helpful when we have things we need to do. One of the greatest blessings about staying home with her means that we get to enjoy those play times no matter what time of day they come. Here she is enjoying some of her toys…


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