The Joys of Napping

What a great feeling to know that Cailyn is completely satisfied after I feed her. Our child will sneak a nap in whenever she can, and quite frequently those naps come when I am desperately trying to get her to finish eating. She usually doesn’t seem to care that I am blowing in her face, pinching her cheeks, or patting her rear with force when she wants to sleep. So much for finishing her meal…

Despite the bother this can be at times, I do then get to watch her as she enjoys a nice nap…so cute! I can always tell she is enjoying her nap by the many faces she makes as she sleeps. Is she dreaming? Is it gas? Who knows, I guess. I thought you all might enjoy a sneak peek into her world of napping…

And there it is…a journey through a dream with Cailyn.


4 responses to “The Joys of Napping

  1. alison,
    great set of shots…reminds me of honey when she is sleeping! we are looking forward to seeing cailyn (you and justin, too, if time permits) in a few days…

    love you,

  2. It is great to see that there are some new things to look at on your blog now. I have missed talking to you. I love the pictures of the dream, seems like it would make the cutest scrapbook page, (haha). She is a cutie patootie. I can’t wait to meet here but by then she will be so big probably.

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