Our first night at home

We finally made our transition to the home yesterday and are now on the other side of the first night. In many ways it was a long night. It makes you appreciate more what our parents did for us as kids and the many ways that they sacrificed to raise us. Now, it is our turn to provide this same love for our Cailyn. Sure, we haven’t gotten a lot of sleep. I don’t imagine that most parents do at this point. And, as has been the case thus far, we have much to learn. Thus, as I continue to pray for Alison and myself as parents, I am ever mindful that I need to pray for God’s patience, graciousness, and mercifulness as we raise this precious child. I hope you enjoy these few pictures of Cailyn.


One response to “Our first night at home

  1. Alison… I’ve been following you guys since your mom sent out this link and it has been such a joy to see new pictures of your beautiful baby girl! She is so blessed to have you two as parents! You three are in our prayers as we remember so freshly what those first days and weeks at home can be like. We pray that they are great and that everything transitions smoothly. God bless. (oooh I could just eat her up… those cheeks are just asking to be pinched 🙂

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