Life is already so tough!

As Alison and I sit here on Thursday evening, we just realized that Cailyn had reached her one day old mark! And yes, the picture tells it all, life is already so tough! Not really! She is doing great and has been a great blessing. We are thrilled that she is finally with us (in arms) and we could not have imagined a more beautiful little girl. Everything is going well, Cailyn is eating well and is very healthy.

7 responses to “Life is already so tough!

  1. WOW!!! We are so excited for you guys! She is so gorgeous! Eric and I have been thinking about you both so much and we can’t wait to meet your sweet little girl! We’ll be there in August. Congratulations–and Alison, you look beautiful after just having had a baby! Haha! Love yall!

  2. Congratulations to you both, Alison and Justin both of us and the Coronado family and so proud of you and so happy that your baby is happy and healthy

  3. Cailyn is beautiful. Congratulations. Enjoy her. Hopefully we can see Cailyn the next time we are in Abilene. What a cutie she is!

  4. Congratulations from our family to yours! Enjoy your new baby and great job on the new degree! We look foward to meeting little Cailyn. She’s beautiful.

  5. Hooray!!! We are so excited for you! You are in for the best times of your life! Praise God! We can’t wait to meet her!

  6. Looks just like Justin after i smack him around a little bit. always cryin! Yet she’s so cute so she must look more like Alison! haha. I can’t wait to see you guys and my new niece.

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