Cailyn Joy Thompson

Introducing the newest member of the Thompson family: Cailyn Joy Thompson. She was born at 7:20 pm last night. She weighed 9 lbs. 6 oz. and was 21 1/4 inches. What a joy she is! Alison did great throughout the day and is recovering well. I can already tell that she will be an amazing mom. I will write more later and post several more pictures, but I wanted to introduce you to our newest addition!


8 responses to “Cailyn Joy Thompson

  1. the most beautiful grandbaby IN THE WORLD!!

    what a joy and blessing she is!! i will never leave abilene!!

    i love you cailyn!! love, nana

  2. She’s beautiful! The newest Thompson and the newest member of the team! I wish we could be there to meet her in person… soon enough I guess.

    We’re so happy for you. Know that you’re in our prayers.

  3. Congratulations!!!
    She is absolutely beautiful! And, she has a precious name! You both will be amazing parents, and I am so thankful that everyone is healthy and happy!

    We wish we could be there and hope to meet her sometime when we are visiting Texas. Chris and I send our love and our prayers.

  4. And don’t forget – you’re going to be a great DAD too! Wow. Congratulations to you guys. I’m happy to hear that there are more of the wonderful “Thompson” family in the world now. Hope to see more and more of you guys soon!

  5. What a gorgeous baby girl! Congratulations–I know you will both be awesome parents. I love the name–so pretty! (And I’m sure Hannah is honored)

  6. Congratulations! Cailyn is beautiful … I remember when Alison was born … wow … I’ll let Jamie know you’re a mom. She’ll be so excited. Hope you are doing well. Enjoy the moment. There’s nothing like having a new baby in the house. Love you, Amy Phillips.

  7. Oh my word!
    She is so beautiful!
    She is perfect!
    I want to kiss her!
    I can’t wait to hold her!
    Our God is so good!
    Love you guys!

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