Master of Divinity

I had the best weekend this past weekend. Not only did I receive my master’s degree, but I had plenty of family to witness the event. For starters, I knew that Mom, Andy, Allie, Daniel, Cathie, Warren, and Iva were all coming into town. However, I did not know that Grandma Marie would come rolling in with the Wenzels. As I was talking with the neighbors, two cars pulled in the driveway carrying Mom, Andy, and Allie in one with the Warren and Iva in the other with an unknown person in the backseat. It was a great surprise. The greatest surprise, however, was the next morning. I knew that Preston was coming into town, but never thought that he would make it on time. It just so happened that he arrived in Abilene the night before with my Dad and Shannon. Thus, as I walked up to the Bible building on graduation morning I saw Dad, Shannon, and Preston. This was perhaps one of the greatest surprises ever. I think that family took up a whole section at the commencement ceremony. Indeed, having all of these people in town to celebrate this accomplishment was a fantastic surprise. I really am a blessed man.

On another note, there are only 13 more days until Alison’s due date. This baby is upon us. So far, the doctor has said that everything looks great. Now it’s just a waiting game. I will try to update this site as I can to let all of you know when this child arrives. For all of you who have been praying, we dearly appreciate your prayers. In fact, we covet your prayers as we start our family and begin this journey called parenthood. Be blessed today.


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