Finally Finished!

Earlier this afternoon I completed the second half of my comprehensive examinations. As was said prior to the experience, “All will be well.” Fortunately, all did go well. For the past two and a half months, my colleagues and I have been preparing two separate papers on two different case studies. This past week we had to defend what we wrote in these papers in front of two peers and three professors on two separate occasions for two hours each. Not only was the process valuable and affirming, it was a time to engage in positive theological conversation. By the end of the day, the process was complete and I had passed the exams!

In reflecting on this experience and the last three years of my graduate studies, there is much for which I am thankful (in no particular order). First, I know that there have been countless prayers offered on my behalf. For these prayers and the people who offered them, I am forever grateful. Second, I also know that without the affirmation of my classmates, professors, mentors and family, I would never have survived the process. Finally (and certainly not least), this graduate school experience has been profoundly enhanced with Alison at my side. When I receive my degree next month and as I walk the stage during graduation, Alison is as much a recipient of this degree as I am. I am grateful for her patience, encouragement, love and support.

Thank you to all who have shared in this process with me.


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