Oh, what a month it has been!

March has been one of those freaky sort of months (with the good, the bad and the ugly)! Most of you know the bad. If you don’t, then here’s the scoop. Over Spring Break, I had a heat stroke (or that’s at least the doctor’s best guess). Explanation: I spent the whole day on Monday with my youth group teens in Fredericksburg, Texas and at Enchanted Rock State Park. We spent time together with another youth group from Abilene to enjoy God’s Creation with the purpose of seeing the world as Christ sees the world. All-in-all, it was a gorgeous day, and the group really enjoyed themselves. On Tuesday, we returned to Abilene. I got home at 2:30 and slept until 6:00 when Alison got home from work. We talked briefly, she checked her email, and then I got up and (apparently) passed out and had a seizure (sort of). I say “apparently” because I have no recollection of anything that happened after I talked to Alison. And I say “sort of” because we don’t know what I was doing. My body was extremely stiff. Nonetheless, the paramedics came (which is a story in itself) and took me to the ER. There, they asked me a whole bunch of questions for which I had no answer (e.g., how old are you, what year is it, what month is it, etc.). These questions I do remember. Then, they did an MRI, C-T scan, and a X-Ray on my neck. After all the chaos, they finally released me at 2:20 a.m. This was a long day. Two days later I went in for an EEG (wild experience there with the strobe lights flashing in your face).

Now moving to the present (and the ugly) – I went to the doctor again today because I am still feeling light-headed at certain times. To top that, yesterday when I walked with Alison (about two miles), I felt exhausted when we were finished. I kind of felt like I used to after I finished running a 10k. Well, all those tests mentioned above (e.g., MRI, C-T Scan, X-Ray, EEG), they were normal. Translation: the doc still has no clue what is going on, but to be safe he is having me do an echocardiogram to assess the overall function of my heart. I will say that it is not a fun thing when you don’t feel normal, and you know that the doc can provide no explanation.

Oh, but there is also the good. The baby room in the house is coming together nicely, but it is already too full. Unfortunately, we have not had either of our baby showers yet. That’s all our house needs is more stuff. But, as some parents have pointed out, once the baby comes, he/she takes over your life and your house. Sweet! Can’t wait! Our latest addition to the baby’s collection is thus far the saaviest piece. Dad and Shannon bought us the “Fisher-Price Baby Papasan Cradle Swing” (pictures below). This thing is sweet. The seat on this thing is like a papasan chair. Of course it has the gadgets to keep the kid entertained (for a moment). Just above the chair there is a mirror with a couple of miniature zoo animals that rotate when turned on. The chair not only swings from front-to-back, but when turned will swing from side-to-side. And wait…there’s more. With the assistance of 4 “D” batteries, the swing operates at six-speeds (of which, speeds 2-6 will give the kid whiplash), with your choice of one of five different melodies (none of them being “too” cheesy). I would say that this beast is a far-cry from the “crank” swing that rocked my world. How times have changed (from “cranks” to “bells and whistles”). Maybe someday I will appreciate the simpler gadgets and gizmos, but as for now, I am enthralled with these new “toys,” which will soon be enthroned by their rightful owner.

With a dash of brilliance, I managed to put it all together.

Can you tell that Alison's excited!?!

Can you tell that Alison loves the swing!?!?


5 responses to “Oh, what a month it has been!

  1. Honey here!! i love the pic. i can just see you putting all of the toys together in coming yrs, Justin. the swing is great. can’t wait til Baby T is swingin’

  2. Great to hear you are getting things ready for the baby! Trina and I will want tons of pictures, and when the time is right for you all, have you over to our new place.

    I am praying for your health doode, it must be a little disheartening to know that the doc’s best guess is only that – a guess.

    May the Lord bring healing to your heart, and anything else that is ailin’ ya!

  3. o.k…that swing is AMAZING! I didn’t have it with either of the girls but borrowed one this time around for Isaiah. He sleeps like a champ in it still and he’s 6 months old. I hope the swing brings you many a peaceful moments as it has for us! šŸ™‚

    You’re looking great Alison! Praying for you health, too, Justin!

    God bless you guys…
    The Perkins

  4. wow, that is definately a step up from your baby swing, justin. i had it timed perfectely………..it had to be rewound every 15 minutes. there was no such things as remotes back then!! in those 15 minutes i could wash the dishes, etc while you were rockin’ away. i think i will just sit and watch my grandbaby and forget about the chores this time!! hehe. also, i had to stuff blankets all around you because it wasn’t as plush as my grandbaby’s to be!!! oh well, you don’t remember it anyhow! you both look adorable as i would expect.

    jun, take care of yourself and am praying that God heals whatever it is that is ailing you.

    love you both!! love mom

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