This Can’t Be Normal!

Well, Alison and I went to bed snuggled all cozy last night only to awaken to a much whiter Abilene in the morning. According to Abilene weather people, some parts of Abilene got about an inch of snow. All of this makes me laugh though, because just yesterday morning we left the house to go to school and work when it was about 75 degrees. Six hours later, it was stinkin’ 30-something degrees out. Someone please explain this to me. Alison, after she picked me up after work, told me a story about being at work when one minute she was outside doing some work; she then went inside not but for five minutes, and came out and the temperature was “at least 20 degrees” cooler! I happen to believe she was telling the truth even though pregnant women can exagerate at times. Nevertheless, this can’t be normal! However, we are lovin’ it, especially since we pulled out all of our Christmas decorations last night.

Now more seriously, I hope that you find warmth and have time to share it with someone close to you. Winter weather is a perfect time to bust out the hot chocolate, wrap yourself in a fleece blanket, and put on a great movie.


One response to “This Can’t Be Normal!

  1. Welcome to our world. And to make things worse we have to move farther North. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We went to the Johnson’s and it was fun. The next day we packed up the truck and went to Sioux City to see Steph a good friend of Shannon’s. One of her Rottweilers just had 9 puppies so we went to help her out for the weekend. That was really cool.

    We are tring to get ready for Christmas but even that has been a challenge this year knowing that you don’t want to put up any christmas lights because of the move. I am excited to start my new job though.

    Hope you both get what you want from Santa.
    Love Dad

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