Expressing my Thankfulness

It has been a busy semester and it won’t let let up for another three weeks. However, I am beginning to think that our holiday of Thanksgiving is now more important than ever. I will not say that I have been unthankful; however, I cannot say that I have stopped to properly thank God for His gracious favor. Therefore, I am momentarily pausing in the midst of mass graduate school chaos to humbly admit that I have much for which to be thankful. First, I am thankful for the miraculous gift of life. Alison and I are constantly amazed at the development of the child inside of her. It was just over a week ago that we saw our child with a distinguishable body (arms, legs, fingers, etc.). We are estatic with joy. Second, I am thankful for my wife who has loved me in spite of my quirks for almost two years now. She is my love, and indeed, she is a gift from God. Third, I am thankful for our church family at Hope. Our lives would be incredibly different without their love and support. Our ministry is strengthened because of their investment in the youth at Hope. Our ministry would be incomplete without their passion to share the love of Jesus with all people. Consequently, Alison and I are better people because of the brothers and sisters at Hope that strengthen us and compel us to participate in the kingdom work of God. Fourth, I am thankful for my teammates. Our interaction to this point has been minimal at best; however, if our short times of interaction are any indication of the blessings yet to come, I am excited about participating in the work of the kingdom in Lima, Peru with this team. This group is nothing short of amazing. Finally, I am thankful for the parents in my life (dad, mom, stepdad, stepmom, father and mother-in-law). Their support, love, and encouragement are apparent. Alison and I know we are loved. Perhaps, there is no better testimony in this world than the one that can be given when a child can say with utmost honesty that their parents are their biggest fans. Without their love we would be so very different. So, for all the ways in which I am thankful, the only logical response can go to God. Lord, thank you for your gracious favor.


2 responses to “Expressing my Thankfulness

  1. hey guys, great beginning. justin, we are constantly amazed at your heart, it’s tenderness and humbleness. thank you for sharing. we do so love you and alison and Baby T!!

  2. HOWDY! What fun to have an official site for the Texas Thompsons! I look forward to seeing more and hearing more. Where is that first pic of my grandchild? Love all 3 of you.

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